Spoken word, Interview, AudioTheatre

These are two podcasts I found on PoetryFoundation’s site, they introduce some great content of UbuWeb. They are not very long, definitely worth listen. I looked up some of the artists mentioned.
Here they are…

1. This is a collection of Interviews and a short introduction to other people’s different ways of interviewing other people – or people interviewing themselves – or eventually… their cats!

Carolee Schneemann
“I don’t identify my work with woman’s work – I identify my situation with a woman’s situation.”

Robert Ashley’s interviews with ppl:
2 hours of sound… 1st hour: interview with an artist. 2nd hour: a performance about what they were talking about in the interviews

Marcel Broodthares interviewing his cat

interview-loops with John Cage, composition of interview
repetition, making language abstract by looping. interview as a method of musical composition.

whispered interview, John Cage speaks with Richard Kostelanetz about the techniques he used in “Writing Through Finnegans Wake

cage- norton lectures
about the struggle that it took him 10 years to gather COURAGE to perform the silent piece

Uh yes, uh no – Jeff Gordon. Andy Warhol as an omnipotent oracle 😉

2. And the second podcast introduces different interpretations of Gertrude Stein’s stuff collected on UbuWeb.

interpretation of Making of Americans – Gertrude Stein, already singing by page 670…

contemporary audioplays out of Stein’s works! this is very inspiring…
check this out: http://ubumexico.centro.org.mx/sound/phizmiz_ergo/faust/Phizmiz-Ergo_The_Faust_Cycle_2010_04.mp3by Ergo Phizmiz

3. Additionally to #Composition and #Spoken Word:


Chapter: Sound

Meredith Monk:

A sound piece: http://www.ubu.com/sound/monk.html

A short film: http://ubu.com/film/monk_ellis.html

Some reviews about Monk’s performances: http://www.ubu.com/ubu/unpub/Unpub_023_Johnson.pdf

In this one there are several extracts by Monk and Laurie Anderson amongst others: http://www.ubu.com/sound/cage_tribute.html

Laurie Anderson:

Two pieces for tape bow violin: http://www.ubu.com/sound/anderson.html

A short text and some videos: http://ubu.com/film/anderson_l.html

Patti Smith:

Short text + a list of sound material: http://www.ubu.com/sound/smith.html

A podcast that features Anderson, Smith and Monk:  http://www.poetryfoundation.org/features/audioitem/1818