Taking form


The shape of things for our next months together:

  1. Going to the forest – mortality, nature, cycles, things dying/growing
  2. Mortality and loss
  3. What gives things form?
  4. Border in between one stage/layer and the next – transformations
  5. Costumes, masks, drag
  6. Testo Junkie (Preciado)
  7. Affect theory (Sedgwick)
  8. Desire + mirroring. Why are you/they/it so appealing to me? Compulsive possessiveness.
  9. Sex work
  10. Viable alternatives, lived utopias, community, continuity, safe spaces, group choreography
  11. Space for fantasy. What have you always dreamed of doing in public?
  12. Psychogeography + mapping
  13. Memories, roots, origins

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