Still Untitled is a project that creates space for continuing education outside of an institution. It offers a horizontal model of learning and a place for the exchange of ideas, where creative projects can take root.

We aim to create an environment in which teaching and learning become inseparable, and each student is also a teacher. To accomplish this goal, we hold weekly seminars that are taught on a rotational basis by the participants. Furthermore, within these seminars we hope to bridge the gap between theory and practice, employing a model that activates both the body and the mind. Teaching can be part of the creative process, as it builds new ways of interacting with others and shares information through word, movement, or both. In this sense, it is not very different from performing.

Our current seminar group is tentatively named “The In Between,” studying interembodiment, public and private performance, and identity. The posts that you see on this blog are coming from the participants of this particular seminar.

At the present moment, Still Untitled consists of a single chapter located in Budapest and is loosely dedicated to the topic of contemporary performance. However we envision Still Untitled as a community that can incorporate many other ideas and areas of study. If you are interested in launching your own Still Untitled chapter, or you are curious about the project, contact us.


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